Been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt

Been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt

I’ve been dancing since I was 4

The age when you first start school, first learn how to read, write and spell

Well for me, I first learnt how to heel-toe, plié, step-ball-change…

Where I first gained a sense of rhythm!!!! You know…that passion, that drive and of course that self-discipline

You see, at that time I first joined a dance academy, entered exams, competitions, traveled nationally to perform, perform, perform and then I got bored, and so I questioned

what shall I do next..?

As I grew older I then studied dance, trained with companies, auditioned, auditioned, auditioned, collaborated, started to network, volunteer and now engage, inspire and motivate the next creative generation… *breath Tay* I love it but…

Where to next..?

Real talk!! 

I’ve been there. Done that. And yes I got the T-shirt. Shirtssss

I’ve come to the realisation that dance has truly kept me grounded and disciplined with everything else I do outside of dance, because dance has become my lifestyle. I love my lifestyle. But my lifestyle is also a struggle. A struggle to find work, to keep on training, to keep on moving… because I’ve already been there. Done that….

But after all of those years of crafting my unique lifestyle, has left me standing at a crossroad, wondering where shall I take my craft next? Which route?

The possibilites are endless with dance. I can take my craft oversees or keep it at homeannot speak on behalf of the entire dance community, we as dancers, artists, choreographers…are always packed with creativity up our sleeves, always optimistic, always progressing. All the while struggling, but we choose to embrace our struggle. It’s called resilience.

I’m resilient enough to embrace my struggle.

And while doing so, where to next?

Unique Tay

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