Motivational Mondays | Stay motivated & inspired throughout your dance practice

Motivational Mondays | Stay motivated & inspired throughout your dance practice


This summer for 10 weeks I have shared with you 10 quirky tips to encouraging self-motivation and inspiration every Monday!

 When I first founded Unique Tay ( – my very first mission was to Engage, Embrace and to Empower. I wanted to create a platform to reach the next generation of aspiring dancers & artists. I wanted to share with you my personal experiences in dance and about the industry as a whole. One way to pull through your dance and creative practice is to stay motivated!!

But how many of us dancers loose motivation and slowly start to feel pressured and stressed with keeping up with the demands of being a dancer? How many of us then reach out for assistance with our well-being and mental health?

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Being inspired awakens us to new possibilities and new experiences.


1) Embrace your uniqueness.

Yes identify your qualities. Embrace it. Own it. Flaunt it. There’s only one you, so embrace what makes you special and uniquely different.


2) Aspire to Inspire.

What are your aspirations, your goals, your dreams? Whatever it is, remember its only YOU who controls your vision. Start reaching for your aspirations today and stop talking and start doing. Take action and inspire others to do likewise.



3) Take tiny steps to success.

There is nothing wrong with taking a tiny step forward, as apose to taking a leap. What holds us back from taking a step, is laziness. That ‘what if’ ‘but’ ‘ummm’ thoughts that’s circulate in our mind, distracting us from being proactive.
To ensure you reach the TOP of your ladder is to be consistent and focused.

Feeling blessed on the island of Zakynthos – Greece

4) Too blessed to be stressed.

Avoid over commitment and instead prioritise tasks. Remember to set aside leisure time and be spontaneous!!! Count your blessings for every achievement you make…..I certainly do

5) Stay true to yourself.

Stay true to what you believe in and to what satisfies you. Along your creative journey, invest your energy & time in YOUR practice. Know who you are and who you want to be.

6) Wait long live long. 

This is one of my favorite quirky tips so far. It is special to me as I got this tip from my grandmother (R.I.P.) who use to say ‘wait long live long in a *patois accent* when walking across the road.

Strangely over the years I  have twisted & turned my grandmother’s motto and used it day by day when making choices, especially along my dance practice. Which is to nut rush and walk far forward without looking left and right. Be observant with your choices within your dance practice. Always question ‘is this for me..will this make me happy?’

7) Positive energy creates positives vibes.

Start your morning off with a positive, can-do attitude  do not dwell too hard on any negative experiences, that’ll only drag you through the week…. So instead for every negative thought, SWITCH IT UP for 5 YES 5 positive self compliments instead. (I’ll give you a kick start..) Remember to be happy & content with where you are TODAY!

8) Self love. Self determination. Self worth.

Every choice you make, every step you take and every action you project, all starts with the way you think & feel about your SELF. Our behavior and attitude contributes towards our lifestyle…it all begins with your SELF.

Be spontaneous and take a risk, be confident in your decisions, trust yourself and love yourself enough to see worth in all of your efforts and achievements. Learn to love yourself first.

9) Focus on you.

Oh yes that means to focus. on .you. (As simple as that may sound) my unique way of staying focus lies along the lines of ‘Visualisation’.

To visualise your future, use your creative imagination and your end goal. What will it look like and where will you be?

10) To Engage. To Embrace. To Empower.

Our last & final Unique Motivational Monday tip!!! 

Engage – yourself in what satisfies you. Be grounded in your career prospects & dance practice. Create a platform for yourself and simply express ya self 

Embrace – and appreciate dance as an art form

Empower – others around you to do and BE better!


🌟 Thank you for following along with my Unique Motivational Mondays over the past 10 weeks. I hope this has assisted you with improving self motivation & encouragement, week by week. If Motivational Mondays has indeed helped you and if you’d like moreeeee, please feel free to share your thoughts, feedback & drop me comment  🌟 


Unique Tay


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