2017 was mayhem…. (100 happy days)

2017 was mayhem…. (100 happy days)

First and foremost let me wish everyone a

** Happy New Year!!!! **

2017 flew by quicker than lightning…. WOW What scares me the most about how fast time flys by is that time never stops or waits for anyone. So where does that leave us? I guess we just have to keep up with the times. Keep it moving. Keep on working hard. Keep on spending quality time with our loved ones. (does that even make sense?) But what about ‘me’ time?? That’s what scares me the most about time. The lack of time we have to ourselves. Now don’t get me wrong we DO have time to ourselves, it all depends whether you find that time just. for. you.

Reflect back on 2017 – What did you DO for yourself?

Hip Hop (Toyman) masterclass – BBOY Shailesh Bahoran
Holiday in Zante
Internship in Italy
Jamaica 55th Independence Day celebrations
Post foot surgery – Improved physio
1st public speaking UNISON
Triple bday celebrations

Anyways 2017 for me was mayhem but also eventful. Honestly it was maaad crazy and I won’t lie and type all happiness and joy when the truth is I was fed up and depressed one day, then the next I was a burst full of energy!!! I will elaborate on my bumpy journey in a separate blog. For now I thought, hey lets kick start 2018 with a refreshing day.

The same way I did with my happiness jar on 1st January 2017. Who remembers? My happiness jar highlighted everything positive I did week by week throughout the WHOLEEEE year. So this year I will continue with my happiness jar BUT with a twist.

My happiness jar 2017

100 happy days challenge!

I am super excited to try out this challenge and add to my 2018 jar. Count this as day 1 – ‘Do something out of the ordinary’. So who is up for it? Do you think you can be happy for 100 days in a row? Lets find something to be grateful for, for the first 100 days of 2018 (and there after of course).

I won’t blog every single day but instead I’ll post a short note or picture across my social media, so stay posted. I’ll be back after 50 days to blog about how I’m keep up with this challenge.

In the meantime I’d love to hear from you and your 2017 reflection. Drop a comment about your journey…

Watch out for #100happydays #tayscreativejourney 

Stay blessed


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