Why I started blogging and why you should too

Why I started blogging and why you should too

So its been 6 months since I started blogging. Time truly flys by and I look forward to the next 6 months of pursuing my love for blogging and so on….


It’s been 10 months. I wrote this blog in September and literally had no time to even type it up and post it. 3 out those 10 months I stopped blogging. One thing I have learnt about blogging is that it is just longgggg. I mean I love writing and sharing my experiences but there is not enough time in the day to even type lol. Sorry I am derailing…lets get to the point.

My main reasons why i started to blog:

  1. CREATIVE LIFESTYLE – I wanted to share my life experiences particularly about dance. My whole life has
    My Ballet training days

    been pretty much dedicated to dance, dance, dance. My lifestyle is creative, adventurous and very active. I rarely come across dance bloggers (If you are one or know anyone who is..holla!) talking about their dance training. So I thought why not build a platform instead and share a piece of my pie

  2. SICKNESS – I was off sick for 8 months, strapped up due to a major surgery in 2016.
    Me strapped up in an air cast boot

    So I had nothing better to do. No honestly, it’s pretty much self explanatory. I was unfit for work, unable to walk far and I was in a lot of pain. Who wants to sit at home for 28 weeks!!! Exactly. So I began to write and document my feelings and thoughts

  3. LOVE TO WRITE – I was always praised during my studies for my writing. I initially found my love for writing was during my training at a youth dance company. I began writing reviews for touring dance companies. Apparently I was academically stronger than my actual dance performance, (as some tutors have said), considering I studied and trained in dance… My dream has always and still is to dance. I guess others had discovered an additional skill. Anyways I
    For the love of writing..

    found a lot of my peers and tutors were impressed with my writing.. I guess subconsciously that gave me a little bit of a boost to finally start blogging. So I thought why not combine the two and start a dance blog! 

Post 10 months

Blogging has opened up many doors. I have met with professionals, practitioners, gained many opportunities to watch countless performances throughout 2017. I have now decided to sprinkle a likkle more lifestyle blogs. My niche is dance and creativity but a lot of that manifests into my general lifestyle + I travel A LOT sooooo.. this year I thought hey lets spice up my blogs abit. What you think? I’d love to hear from my followers? Do you prefer me to stick to my niche or shall I mix it up abit?

Anyways everyone has their own reasons for blogging. Whether its a way to stay motivated, share your life experiences, to educate or simply something to do. What ever the reason blogging gives you your own space and freedom to express yourself. If you wish to begin blogging then by all means go for it and simply blog about a topic you are passionate about.

  • Are you a new blogger? How are you coping so far? Or are you an experienced blogger? Share your top tips below and your experiences too.

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Oh and Happy New Year

Tay xXx

4 Replies to “Why I started blogging and why you should too”

  1. I enjoy writing as well. It’s always been such a positive outlet for me and it has helped me through many difficult situations in my life. How’s everything now after your surgery?

    1. Ah snap! Writing is certainly a positive outlet. A great way to document our feelings and life journey really. Also thank you for asking. I have improved so much since my operation. I have written a few blogs about my operation, how to cope and injuries etc 🙂 take a read if you wish

    1. Hi there, thank you glad you like my blog. Send me a link of your blogs, i’ll check it out 🙂 all the best with your blogging journey


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