14 dance steps to loving yourself

14 dance steps to loving yourself

14 days of self-discovery, self-expression and self-development through dance improvisation.

So in case you aren’t already aware this blog is about my 14 day dance challenge of learning how to focus on myself, understanding my capabilities and flaws. Those 14 days encouraged me to appreciate and love myself more.

But what truly uplifted me and what kept my practice on the roll was the support from my life coach. I highly recommend all dance artists and lovers of dance to seek a therapist who can provide an extra hand during our journey…

If you too wish to seek a therapist and want quick support online, please visit BetterHelp for further information on online therapist support. 

On my Instagram I posted quick clips of my thoughts and feelings every single day. Instead of taking notes in my diary I thought why not just….dance!

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This year is all about development, selfishness and empowerment. And I must say that there is absolutely no shame in doing for your self. If you are one who is currently on your journey to self-care, no matter what stage you are at, simply find what makes you happy and cherish those moments. Find suitable methods to assist you but most importantly find the TIME first and secondly find your niche. I chose dance as my niche, because to me dance is like therapy!

Anyways my 14 dance challenge is over, but here are all 14 steps breaking down my feelings:

  1. Gettin in the way – Jill Scott

You’re gettin in the way of what I’m feeling 🎵

So I started off on a mellow Sunday, brushing off that negative energy & vibes that was preventing my growth. I wanted to start without obstacles in my way.

  1. Feelin’ livid – Djeff & Silyvi ft Mamukueno – Tambuleno

    Day 2

…..and then the following day I thought F it. It was a Monday and Monday = Funday. That vibrant jazz funk beat of afro house really gave me that boost for the day ahead.

  1. Bad blood – Nao

My mood switched up on Tuesday because I hit a brick wall with friendships, situationships and all sorts of tings… Nao summed it up perfectly. You know when your friendship was so lit but then you try to hold on to it and it only slips through your fingers… yeah that.

Day 3
Day 4
  1. Urban Fusion – Shaun Cope’s class

So it’s now midweek Wednesday. That boring day that drags us half way through the week wishing for Friday to hurry up! So I took a trip to DanceXchange’s class: Urban Fusion and had a blast 😀 oh bwoyyyyyy It was a fused energetic night mixed with Street Dance, African dance styles, Martial Arts and Brazilian Caperiora 😍🔥 (random) BE THERE!

  1. Don’t touch – Solange 

    Day 5

….my hair. My crown & glory is sacred. It is me and plays a part of my identity. Now currently in my 20 something it saddens me that it is only now I am recognising my beauty and worth. Why now? During my young training days I remember I use to fuss over my hair for every rehearsal like my hair was a problem… I can’t wait to share my blog on my experience as a young black girl & ballet. Soon come.

  1. Daddy’s girl – Beyonce 

One huge part of my journey is building relationships especially with my father. A daughter’s

Day 6

relationship with her father IS important. Feeding us with skills on how to survive, protecting us and to provide for our growth is needed, not just from our mothers… don’t ya think?

  1. Daughter – Nas

I really wanted to explore my movement and thoughts on this feeling  from a different light. Day 6 showed off my subtle movements while this attempt on day 7 showed off my love for Hip Hop. How I jam and nod my head to the beat, at home, in the studio and growing up with my dad, who introduced us, to all sorts of music. Music is his soul.

Day 7
  1. Get out – Lauryn Hill 

The more I learn about how this system is set up to fail me, suppress

Day 8

me and strip me, the more it encourages me to break through these closed boxes… In other words I am SICK AND TIED of being ‘othered’. Is that even a word? I wake up and continue to pursue and persevere, keeping in mind that I have to work twice as hard as my neighbour. We really aren’t living in a post racial society. I try and I DO overcome that tough barrier. Watch me

  1. Queen of the pack – Patra
Day 9

*coughs* meanwhile I still practice my culture, take great pride in who I am and where I am from. At home was where I gained my first sense of rhythm, with no choreography needed.

  1. Lesson Learnt – Erykah Badu
Day 10

Peace and blessings manifest with every lesson learnt 🎶

And so we reach the boring midweek Wednesday again… I sparked tension with another individual, and I am a person who prefers to stay out of any confrontation and stay focused. But hey TODAY is tomorrow’s history….what I endured yesterday is either a lesson or a blessing. So today I chose to count my blessings… I hope you do too!

  1. Bag lady – Erykah Badu

    Day 11

You gone hurt your back dragging all them bags like that 🎶

Girrrrrrrrrllll put down them bags and stop carrying around everyone else’s baggage.

  1. One ting – Sister Nancy

12 days in and now I am beginning to see my journey to self-discovery unravel.

  1. BuzzingYemi Alade 

I had a burst full of energy that day. I just feel so empowered. It was

Day 12
Day 13

#Fridayvibes (finally) and I needed some afro pop, beats and vibes to take me back and encourage me to embrace my true self. This is literally how I felt..




  1. I’M EVERY WOMAN – Whitney Houston

Day 14 P.2 – INSiGHTZ – I'm every woman . 🎶 I'm every woman, its all I need SPIN SPIN SPIN So I've reached the end of my 14 day dance challenge. Dance is my passion and lifestyle. I chose to commit myself to pushing myself above and beyond in a myriad of ways. For 2018 especially is about development, selfishness and empowerment 🔝💪💯 behind these clips I have bruk my back side ways just to put myself first. I can only encourage the same for you! . Top 3 notes for my unique followers *Do for yourself *Invest in yourself *Rise up n shine . Catch me every Saturday for more unique, fun dance clips! I am here to Engage, Embrace & Empower💃😘🎶 . Day 14 of my INSiGHTZ journey to self discovery through #DanceMovement #Expressions and thoughts… I challenge myself to push my boundaries more and keep moving because I have #ItchyFeet my movements are out of the ordinary but hey this is me lol . This is #tayscreativejourney #InsightzTay 💛 @whitneyhouston #UniqueMovements #Dancer #Improvisation #SelfDiscovery #dancechallenge #selfdevelopment #artistinthemaking #africandiaspora #Imeverywoman #womenempowermemt #Empower #Engage #Embrace #LoveDancing #Freedom #Happiness #DoYou #Choreographer #JazzDance #ContemporaryDance #ChallengeYourself #blackbloggersunited #BlackGirlMagic

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Sooooo I reached day 14. Honestly I felt so alive, empowered and engaged in my steps to developing myself as a woman and as a dance artist. I am here, I am me!

Your thoughts

 What are your steps to embracing yourself? Do you spend enough quality time for yourself? Don’t be afraid to be honest… drop a comment below and share & encourage



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