I need a break! Social media Detox

I need a break! Social media Detox

First off… as if I am writing a blog about taking a break from social media like my whole life evolves around the net… it doesn’t. Ever since I started my blogging journey month by month, week by week and then day by day I slowly started to allow social media to consume my time, attention and energy. HOWEVER I have not allowed myself to become dependent on it, so that’s why I have taken a detox from socialising online.

I treated everyone’s success as my failures

So as I mainly blog and share posts about dance and lifestyle, I tend to follow others who share my interests and post similar content. I like to keep it that way so I can network online, keep updated with opportunities and to gain general inspiration. I never thought that gaining inspiration from others would somewhat cause me to feel so…. envious and insecure. It’s taken me a lot to share this blog because I feel kind of embarrassed just talking about how Instagram has taken over my self-esteem. Like come one Tay… this isn’t you lol

Mindfulness thinking…

If it wasn’t for my (blog) social pages, the truth is I wouldn’t even be bothered. I do have personal accounts too, where I take absolutely no notice of other bloggers, dancers and anyone’s lifestyle in fact. I have noticed a switch in my attitude when I post and explore on my blog page vs my personal page. Of course that is because I take my blogging content seriously

Am I the only one feeling this way? Does anyone else (bloggers) acknowledge the pressure to be active and consistent online?  Does it REALLY matter?

On a personal level I just want to relaunch my career, progress and get my name out there within my chosen career industry. I am constantly informed that social media is the no.1 tool to achieving all of that and a great way for employers to spot you. Right? Rewind 5+ years ago social media really wasn’t my no.1 tool. I tell you what was…. conversations!!! 😀 I physically turned up (and still do) to any event, community link ups, masterclasses etc… as a method of building rapport.

Although I am aware social media and the internet as a whole spreads information faster than lightening. Whatever you want to find out or who ever you wish to reach BOOM! That information is already there in a flash and you are able to connect and collaborate (without having to leave your bed lol)

Why do we get so caught up online and aspire to a stranger’s lifestyle & achievements?

In regards to dance I would watch crisp choreography online and one day I’d be like WOW. Full of enlightenment and motivation. Then the next clip I’d be feeling incapable and not at their level. Why? Why was I starting to feel this way. I don’t understand.

Nah it ain’t that deep boo!

I tell you what…what really encouraged me to write this blog was a blogger who posted that she is worried of loosing her followers. So I checked out her page and she has over 5k followers. I just….


*sigh* isn’t 5k (more than) enough?? I barely reach a fraction of that amount. But you know what. I am happy with my followers and with my content. Of course I want to grow and progress my work but everything you do and the choices you make starts from within. So to my bloggers and to those who use social media as a tool to gain attraction…please cut your self some slack. You’re doing just fine. Remember the world is your oyster not your phone. The truth is taken a break from your digital life gives you….time, freedom and increases

Stroll along the canal

your attention span all over again. In other words…

No phones at the table

  • What do you think? Have you become overly addicted with social media? 


Unique Tay


6 Replies to “I need a break! Social media Detox”

  1. It is so easy to become consumed with your blog social media presence but what I really want is engagement and that what I put out there inspires! Thats a greater reward than the numbers. Easy to fall in the comparison trap when it comes to blogging but what I always say to myself is ‘stay in your lane Tayo, run your own race’ Thanks for sharing your experience I’m sure many have felt the need for a detox for the same reasons.

    1. Thank you for your reply Tayo. Bingo you are so right it’s about engagement, inspiration and yes ‘stay in your lane’ too lol love it! I am still finding my feet and I see how easy it is to sink in… shame really but send me you link. I’d be sure to check out your blogs too 🙂


  2. I absolutely agree with you. It’s always good to take a social media detox. I do every once in a while because social media can become really toxic at times.

    1. Oh defiantly. I had this similar conversation the other day with a friend who said the exact same that social media is so toxic. It does have its benefits tho for us bloggers I must say lol 🙂
      Tay x

    1. Hello Cristen,

      Thank you for commenting and it is lovely to hear that you regularly visit my blog. Thank you. I hope you find this blog thought provoking, as it is important we take breaks from our online social life lol. May I ask if you also blog?


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