NEW Summer Dance Classes FOR ALL

NEW Summer Dance Classes FOR ALL

This summer I am finally kick starting dance classes for the local community in my hometown Wolverhampton,

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West Midlands. After years of studying, performing and training, I think it’s safe to say that it is about time I build my own empire and share what I love to do most… dance!

Some of you may or may not know that I have been teaching mainly at schools, which has brought me so much joy to whiteness tuns of young talent; but most importantly it has been a pleasure to see their overall growth as individuals. From boosting their confidence to improving dance techniques and so on… My experience at schools has encouraged me to continue delivering dance classes but outside a school setting. This summer, throughout August, is a great time for me to introduce my expertise to the wider community, for both adults and children.

My new dance company Unique Movez Dance Collective (UMDC) emphasises on self-esteem and self-expression through dance training and providing creative opportunities.

Watch out for this new logo

UMDCs mission is to develop and encourage an artistic vision through 3 core values:

  • Engage dancers to aspire above and beyond, creating a platform for dancers to express their creativity
  • Embrace and appreciate dance as an art form
  • Empower dancers to do and be better at every step they take in their creative journey

Our goal strives upon promoting diverse talent, opportunities and training for future creatives.

I am buzzing for August because I can’t wait to meet new faces and new talents. My classes are for ages 8 – 108. If you are a dance lover, love to two-step, love to energise or even a beginner in dance, UMDC is ideal for YOU.

What to expect

My summer classes is a 4 week open level dance course, giving you all the chance to gradually learn new dance moves, improve your coordination and flexibility, while experimenting with your own creative movements. I remind you that open level classes typically attracts a range of beginners who want to try something new; to the advance who wish to brush up on dance techniques!

FYI you are all welcome

I am trained in Contemporary dance. So UMDC specialising in Contemporary dance technique, along with Street

My dance trip to Senegal: Experimental Flow

dance styles (House & Hip Hop) and of course I must embrace my culture through dance: Caribbean!! So yes classes will combine a flavour of the Caribbean and West African dance techniques that I learnt during my dance trip to Senegal (read my blog to learn more about my trip to Senegal).

Contact us

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, my name is Tamar, and feel free to ask any questions. For more info and details about the 4 week summer dance course please visit UMDC

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Stay Blessed


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