Family sports day out – FREE activities – UNISON Regional Games

Family sports day out – FREE activities – UNISON Regional Games


Family games day out with UNISON

On Saturday 21st July UNISON West Midlands Region will host a games day packed with tuns of fun activities ideal for families and the local community to get involved in. I will also be teaching some dance workshops too. The whole day will be FREE!

So if you enjoy being outdoors, sports and keeping fit in a fun way

Get up and get active with UNISON


Who are UNISON

For those who aren’t aware of UNISON; UNISON is a public service trade union based in the UK. With over 1.3 million members, UNISON are committed to working towards improving working conditions, protecting pay and providing quality services for its members.

‘One of UNISON’s main aims is to help workers fight for fairness and equality in the workplace and beyond’ – Fairness and equality UNISON

This games event will be a great way for both UNISON and non-UNISON members to connect whether it is about work life related concerns or simply to have fun and embrace the sunshine.


Let's Move & Dance for FREE!

During the games day, I will be leading the dance workshops, where I will also introduce Unique Movez Dance Collective - UMDC. Dance workshops are all open level, suitable for all abilities. So you don’t have to be a pro at dance. As long as you love to move and jam you’re welcome. As for the rest of the activities throughout the day all ages are welcome too.

Workshops will be 30 minutes each, running at different times throughout the day and will vary from street dance styles to disco; Including women only and a disabled only workshop. This’ll be a great way to gain a small taster into my style, get to know myself and be immersed into multiple sport activities in one day.

Please bear in mind that the dance workshops and most activities will be led outdoors (wear suitable footwear)

Let’s move together, increase our physical fitness, confidence and of course…. HAVE FUN

UNISON Games 2016


What to expect

All day expect to get involved in various sports and exercise activities such as,

  • 5-a-side football
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Table tennis
  • Yoga
  • Boxing
  • And many more…

To a great advantage there will be special guests, performances, food stallls and the chance to sit and chat about community matters & issues, since UNISON is a trade union.


When and Where

Saturday 21st July
9:00am – 16:00pm

Holford Drive Community Sports Hub
101 Holford Drive
Perry Barr
B42 2TU or 07584 350039


Any questions specifically about dance email me

and don't forget to register with us HERE(In the section: 'which UNISON member has invited you', please write in Tamar).

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Next Steps...

Learn more about UNISON here
Join UNISON here
Read my previous blog about my new dance company UMDC 

Stay posted for future blogs from me and my review of UNISON Regional Games end of July


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