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    Review: Material Men Redux

    Material Men Redux Shobana Jeyasingh Dance 27th March 2017 The Patrick Centre – Birmingham Hippodrome Shobana Jeyasingh’s captivating choreography, Material Men Redux, precisely portrays the history of the Indian indentured labour system and colonial migration. Shobana shares the deep rooted historical events through individual stories of two dazzling strong performers of the Indian diaspora; Sooraj Subramanian and Shailesh Bahoran. The two versatile performers engaged the audience with their distinctive differences of technique. Sooraj trained in classical Indian dance – Bharatanatyam and Shailesh in Hip Hop. The two electrifying styles fused beautifully together as the performers coming from different worlds, cross paths as they both of their roots stem back to India. Material…

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    Real Talk: Exploring the authentic Hip Hop INTRO

    Real Talk Intro To all my lovers of Hip Hop Culture, brace ya self as I share with you my research project, Exploring the history of Hip Hop Culture!!!! As part of my university project, published in May 2014, I went above and beyond researching the core elements of Hip Hop, keeping it 💯 and locating where Hip Hop stands within dance education (in the UK). My project discusses the historical and social aspect of Hip Hop from one objective, acknowledging the significance it has created worldwide. Although this project, REAL TALK, is (well was originally) aimed to encourage dance institutes (and students), to equally support and familirise Hip Hop within the…

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    Peace Of Mind

    P E A C E  O F  M I N D UNIQUE TAY FEATURES IN PEACE OF MIND WITH KUPID THE KING | MRG MEDIA Check Out Kupid’s Expressive New Release ‘Peace of Mind’… Unique’s Quick Expressive Solo… On Set   Ting A Ling

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    Been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt

    I’ve been dancing since I was 4 The age when you first start school, first learn how to read, write and spell Well for me, I first learnt how to heel-toe, plié, step-ball-change… Where I first gained a sense of rhythm!!!! You know…that passion, that drive and of course that self-discipline You see, at that time I first joined a dance academy, entered exams, competitions, traveled nationally to perform, perform, perform and then I got bored, and so I questioned what shall I do next..? As I grew older I then studied dance, trained with companies, auditioned, auditioned, auditioned, collaborated, started to network, volunteer and now engage, inspire and motivate…

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    WHAT IF! Self-doubt, Dance & Unison

    How being a first time speaker with UNISON helped me over come self doubt in dance So I’ll jump straight in, when I first joined UNISON in December 2015, I joined for the sake of joining. To be protected at work I suppose, since that is what UNISON is for. To ‘protect and secure fair and equal pay, good conditions, high quality employment….Fighting for and promoting equality and challenging all forms of discrimination’ and YES I experienced it all at work. I want to share my personal experiences, however I will only touch the surface today and maybe another time I will give more in detail of my personal trials and tribulations,…