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    Young and Black | UNISON Black Members Conference 2018 Review

    So I attended the UNISON Black Members Conference in Liverpool 19th – 21st January and this was my second time attending as a delegate. Both occasions I have learnt so much from other black people’s personal experiences in the workplace; from discrimination to institutionalised racism and so on. I attended to gain knowledge of our current issues and to be active within the trade union; which is to ‘Improve equality in the workplace, challenging racism and discrimination’ – Black Members My first impression of attending the conference was the level of diversity. I met so many people from different backgrounds and cultures. One thing I like about the UNISON conferences is…

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    I need a break! Social media Detox

    First off… as if I am writing a blog about taking a break from social media like my whole life evolves around the net… it doesn’t. Ever since I started my blogging journey month by month, week by week and then day by day I slowly started to allow social media to consume my time, attention and energy. HOWEVER I have not allowed myself to become dependent on it, so that’s why I have taken a detox from socialising online. I treated everyone’s success as my failures So as I mainly blog and share posts about dance and lifestyle, I tend to follow others who share my interests and post…

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    Why I started blogging and why you should too

    So its been 6 months since I started blogging. Time truly flys by and I look forward to the next 6 months of pursuing my love for blogging and so on…. TELL A LIE.  It’s been 10 months. I wrote this blog in September and literally had no time to even type it up and post it. 3 out those 10 months I stopped blogging. One thing I have learnt about blogging is that it is just longgggg. I mean I love writing and sharing my experiences but there is not enough time in the day to even type lol. Sorry I am derailing…lets get to the point. My main…

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    2017 was mayhem…. (100 happy days)

    First and foremost let me wish everyone a ** Happy New Year!!!! ** 2017 flew by quicker than lightning…. WOW What scares me the most about how fast time flys by is that time never stops or waits for anyone. So where does that leave us? I guess we just have to keep up with the times. Keep it moving. Keep on working hard. Keep on spending quality time with our loved ones. (does that even make sense?) But what about ‘me’ time?? That’s what scares me the most about time. The lack of time we have to ourselves. Now don’t get me wrong we DO have time to ourselves, it…

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    Peace Of Mind

    P E A C E  O F  M I N D UNIQUE TAY FEATURES IN PEACE OF MIND WITH KUPID THE KING | MRG MEDIA Check Out Kupid’s Expressive New Release ‘Peace of Mind’… Unique’s Quick Expressive Solo… On Set   Ting A Ling

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    Been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt

    I’ve been dancing since I was 4 The age when you first start school, first learn how to read, write and spell Well for me, I first learnt how to heel-toe, plié, step-ball-change… Where I first gained a sense of rhythm!!!! You know…that passion, that drive and of course that self-discipline You see, at that time I first joined a dance academy, entered exams, competitions, traveled nationally to perform, perform, perform and then I got bored, and so I questioned what shall I do next..? As I grew older I then studied dance, trained with companies, auditioned, auditioned, auditioned, collaborated, started to network, volunteer and now engage, inspire and motivate…

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    WHAT IF! Self-doubt, Dance & Unison

    How being a first time speaker with UNISON helped me over come self doubt in dance So I’ll jump straight in, when I first joined UNISON in December 2015, I joined for the sake of joining. To be protected at work I suppose, since that is what UNISON is for. To ‘protect and secure fair and equal pay, good conditions, high quality employment….Fighting for and promoting equality and challenging all forms of discrimination’ and YES I experienced it all at work. I want to share my personal experiences, however I will only touch the surface today and maybe another time I will give more in detail of my personal trials and tribulations,…